Friday, November 2, 2012


Hii guys, Here is this post I have listed out few of the frequently and widely used Tools used by Hackers of all levels.But one thing i would like to mention is that " Hackers make tool but tool do not make Hackers "If you depend more on tools then you cannot evolve as a hacker rather you will be surrounded by tools and dependent on them.

1. Password Cracking Tools:

a) John the ripper-

b) THC hydra-

c) Brutus-

d) L0PhtCrack-

e) SAMInside-

f) Cain and abel-

g) Pwdump-

2. Pentesting Tools:

a) Metasploit framework-

b) Canvas-

3. Sql injector Tools:

a) Sqlihelper

b) Havij

c) SQL Exploiter

4. Website Vulnerability Scanner:

a) Acunetix-

b) Rational appscan-

5. Vulnerability Scanner:

a) Nessus-

b) Retina-

c) Sara-

6. Port Scanner:

a) Nmap-

b) Angry Ip scanner-

c) Super Scan- ... erscan.htm

7. Intrusion detection Tools:

a) Snort-

b) Sguil-

8. Live CDs:

a) Ophcrack-

b) Backtrack-

c) Hiren’s boot cd-

d) Ultimate boot cd-

9. Wireless Tools:

a) Wireshark-

b) Kismet-

c) Aircrack-

d) Netstumbler-
10. Steganography Tools:
11. IP Tracing Tools:

a) Neo Trace-

b) Visual Trace-
12. Software Cracking Tools:

a) Debuggers-OllyDbg,WinDbg

b) Unpackers-QUnpack

c) DisAssemblers-WIN32Dasm

d) Decompilers-Boomerang,Mocha,JAD

e) Hex Editors-Hexworkshop,Hview, HxDSetupEN
13. Virtual Enviroment Software:

a) Vmware-

b) Virtual box-

c) Sandboxie-

Hope you guys will like it...

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