Tuesday, November 13, 2012

speed up your internet connection

this trick shows you how to speed up your internet connection

TRICK 1 : speed up your internet connection {this works for versions before windows 7}

THIS MAKES internet connection 20% - 30% speedy

{check the internet speed on}

1.Go to Start – Run or Click Windows key +R

2.Now type gpedit.msc

3.Click OK. "Now Local Group Policy will appear".

4. Next navigate to "Administrative Templates" ---> "Network" --->"QoS Packet Scheduler"

5. n "QoS Packet Scheduler" double click on "Limit reservable bandwitdh".

"Limit reservable bandwitdh" box will appear.

In "Limit reservable bandwitdh" make it "Enabled"

Then set "Bandwidth limit: "0".

Click OK.


NOW{check the internet speed on}

Now you have completed and when you browse the internet, definitely you will feel the difference INCREASE of internet connection 20% - 30% speedy


TRICK 2: How to Speedup Internet connection using Command Prompt

{check the internet speed on}

Click on Start

Type cmd in Search program and files box (Run cmd as Administrator)

Now command prompt will appear

In command prompt go to root directly "C:\" ( type cd C:\ )

Now type netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

NOW CHECK {check the internet speed on}


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