Monday, January 21, 2013

How To Use Your Glo BIS To Browse On Your iPad

HowTo Start The Proves To Enable The BIS Work On Your Ipad
1. Turn off your iPad
2. Remove your GLO SIM from the iPad andinsert it into any phone.
3. Subscribe to Glo BIS on your Glo, SimplyTexting any of the Code below for Subscription:-
"COWEEK" to 777 for N400/week(700MB) plan
Text "COMONTH" to 777 forN1400/month plan (3GB)
4. Remove the Glo SIM from the phone andinsert into your iPad
5. Switch ON your iPad
6. Goto "Settings" icon
7. Goto "Mobile Data/Cellular Data"=> "APN Settings"
8. Enter "" as theAPN, leave the username and password blank (do not type anythingthere)
9. Tap "Mobile data/ Cellular data"and Slide it OFF
10. After few seconds, Slide it back ON

Your iPad is good to go, just use safaribrowser and surf the net as you like.

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