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Insert Watermark in Word 2013 & Excel 2013

Watermark is an image at the background of the file, which symbolizes the status of the file. It could be private, draft or something else. Today, we’re going to discuss the procedure of watermarking your files—Word file and Excel spread sheets, both in Office 2013. Let’s get started with it.

How to insert watermark in word 2013
Open the document, which you intend to insert a watermark and click on the ‘Design’ tab.
Go to the ‘page background’ section. Here, you will see different samples of watermark that you can choose from. Once the watermark is selected, it will be visible behind the text of the document.
How to remove watermark in word 2013
If the status of your document has been changed or you do not want the watermark anymore, you can go ahead and remove it quite easily.
Like insertion procedure, click on ‘design’ tab and go to the ‘page background’ option. There, you can choose the watermark and ‘Remove Watermark’.
How to customize watermark in word 2013
You can customize the text of the watermark or insert an image as a watermark. Here’s how you can do it.
Go to ‘design’ tab’page background’ optionselect ‘Watermark’choose ‘Custom Watermark’ option.
This will open a ‘Printed Watermark’ window. Choose the radio button of ‘Text Watermark’. Enter the formatting that you want your text to be in. Choose the layout to be ‘diagonal’ or ‘horizontal’. Check the ‘Semitransparent’ box and click ‘OK’. Your customized text watermark will be inserted inthe file.
To create a picture watermark, you need to select ‘Picture watermark’ option. You can select apicture from your computer
watermark4Of course, the imagehas to be a faded one. For this, click on the ‘washout’ check box and select ‘Ok
You can see the picture watermark in your Word file.
How to insert watermark in excel 2013
To insert a watermark in Excel worksheet, open the file that you want to be watermarked and choose the ‘Insert’ tab.
watermark 6
Go to the ‘Text’ section and select ‘Header & Footer’.
watermark 7
Under the ‘header & footer’ tab, choose ‘picture’ option.
watermark 8
It will open up the ‘Insert Pictures’ dialog box and browse through your computer to choose thepicture and insert it. watermark 9
The picture will be inserted. To see the image, click outside the cell of the worksheet and you can view an image that is possibly dark and full of colours.
watermark 10
To fade this image, click on the ‘header & footer’ tab again. Under the ‘design’ section, choose the option of ‘Format picture’. watermark 11
It will open up a ‘Format Picture’ dialog box. Choose the ‘Picture’ tab in this box. Select the option of ‘washout’ from the ‘color’ drop down menu and select ‘Ok’.
watermark 12
Now, you can see a faded image as below.
watermark 13
You can insert a text watermark very easily. Choose the ‘header’ option and enter the text in the ‘text’ field with a light shade and that would be it!
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