Monday, December 2, 2013


Yes! Now i can say my PC is 100% Secured from Intruders, Ask me Why? Because i have 5 Means of Locking my PC such that if you eventually escape 1, You can never escape the other 4 Securities.
Today, We are gonna be Taking you on a Tour to Secure your PC (Home Computer) using a Pen Drive (USB / Flash Drive). This days, Computer Programmers / Manufacturers are no longer thinking of Upgrading or Providing any New Technology Stuffs for Our Home Computers.
This Days, New Laptops comes with different Security Means ranging from Fingerprint Readers, Eye Scanners, Face Recognition etc but our Home Computer are left alone with just Windows Password which is now very much easy to H*ack or Bypass with little H*acking Knowledge.
Now, Naijaloaded has worked on some Features for Desktop Computers whereby you can use your USB Flash Drives to enhance your PC Security. Now you can lock your Computer easily and Put your mind at rest anywhere you are. Using this Trick you will be able to lock your computer with a USB Flash.
The computer will work only when the Flash is plugged in to your PC. Once the Flash is removed, the keyboard and mouse will automatically get disabled and your PC screen will become dark. Also your computer will get locked automatically. To unlock the computer you will need to insert the USB Flash Drive to your PC again.
>> This trick works on all versions of Windows both windows 32 and 64 bit.
1. We are gonna be making use of a Software called "Predator", You can download the Predator Software with any of the Link below depending on your Window Bit.
2. Predator will get launched automatically after completing the installation, if not you can run it from Start Menu or on the PC Desktop.
3. Now Insert your USB Flash. You will get a message to define your new password (This process will not affect your Flash Drive or your Stored Files in anyway).
4. Click on Ok button and Enter your New Password in the next dialog box.
5. Check that the drive letter displayed under “USB key drive” actually matches your flash drive or choose the correct letter from the dropdown list.
6. Finally, click on the Create Key button and then on OK button. After this the software will automatically exit.
7. Now restart the program by double clicking on the Predator icon on your PC desktop.
Predator will take few seconds for initialization. Once the icon in the Taskbar turns green then your software has initialized itself and can start working..
>> Remove the Flash & It will become Locked, Insert it again and you are ON Track again. || This Tips has been confirmed on all Desktop & Laptop PC.
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